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EW, Best Friend meme

Tue Jun 24, 2014, 3:31 AM

Basic Info About Your Best Friend!
Your name: Amirah
Best friend's Name?: :iconpinkufootsie: aka Salve
Your age?: 15
Best friends Age?: 15 
How long have you known each other?: since 2012
Is this the only best friend you have?: ppffttt.....yes

When did you meet?: sometime at the end of the school year during a festival thingy
How old were you both?: 6/4 3/17
Where did you meet? School
How did you meet?: through another friend
Did you get along instantly?: it was nothing but awkward stares from me from a distance but yes
Why do you feel you became best friends?: the first time I spent the night over eue 

You were instantly friends: true
Your best friend knows every single one of your secrets: false
You think you know all their secrets: false
You believe that this person is the most loyal friend you have: true
You believe this friendship will last until the end of time: I hope ;;-;;
This person is the most supportive person you know: shit yes
This person is the one you call when you have a problem: yes
You have slept with person: define sleep
This person is/was/will be your best man/maid of honor: yea
There is nothing you do not know about this person: lies, there is probably alot of shit I don't know 

Well, let's
your knowledge! (these are all questions about your best friend)
Eye Color: .....brown?
Hair color: black
Hair style: sexy ponytail
Height: 4'11
Weight: like 150
Shoe size: mmmmm 7-9?
Number of piercings: standard
Number of tattoos: none
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite TV show: Steven Universe/MLP
Favorite Movie: ........Cabin in the Woods?
Favorite pair of shoes: THOSE CUTE NIKES I ALWAYS SEE
Favorite Clothing store: Hot Topic
Favorite food: my goat EXO : Jongin Laughing  jk, hot pockets
Favorite animal: cats and dogs 
Favorite restaurant: uuhhhhh
Favorite Band: A LOT
Favorite Song: LOTS
Favorite Genre of Music: everything
Favorite perfume/cologne: :I
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Kool Aid
Favorite Alcoholic drink: red wine
Favorite city: me
Who does he/she live with: mom
What kind of car does your best friend drive: uuuuuuhhh
Parent's Name(s):Veronic, not sure about her dad
Siblings names: ...........
Pet's names: Jim, Strips
Bedroom colors: white, pink, and some other color, does the tv count?
First boyfriend/girlfriend: me?
First school attended: a school

What is your best friend's religion?: idk
Do you practice it also? no
Do you agree with it?: idk
Do you argue about it?: no

Has this person met your significant other? when I had one
Do they get along or would they get along?: er, not really
Do they consider each other friends?: i think 
Have you met your best friend's significant other?: yea?
Did you get along?: yes
Did you consider his/her bf/gf your friend, too?: ya
How many relationships has your best friend been through since you have known him/her?: uh two?
Are you their "crying shoulder" when something goes wrong?: totes

Totally Random stuff no one asks about your friend!
Weirdest gift you have received from your friend? weirdest gift...uh a kissy bee for valentines day, it kind of scares me
Weirdest gift you bought for your friend? mmmmmmmmmm idk
When was your first sleepover?: while ago
What did you do?: can't remember :P
Have you been intoxicated or otherwise under the influence together?: uh no, but we occasionally drink wine( I like beer though )
Does your friend smoke?: nurp
Does your friend drink often?: uh not that I know of, but I do
Has your best friend seen you naked? I think so 
Have you ever been to the doctor together?: nope, I would totally go with her if I could
Do you think you could live together?: probably
Why/Why not?: cause
What thing does your best friend most often say? kk slider
What thing does your best friend do that irritates you most? She doesn't really irritate me :P

Nearing the end...
Did you have fun?: maybe?
Did you get stumped?: yes
Do you think your best friend will do this for you?: idk
Why/why not?: cause she's a giant squid dog


Graphics & CSS by Metterschlingel | Want your own?…


:ROTG: Jack N' Jack Frost pixel by PrinceOfRedroses
:iconkatsukonarumari4:<--- fucking awesome and amazing friend
:iconxrolling-girlx: <--- ggiiiirrrrlllll Dubstep bro U.R.T Cofounder
:iconpinkufootsie:<--- best friend
:iconasbe5: <---- U.R.T Cofounder and the Slenderman that live in my closet
:iconpanzercrappitista:<--- Skyrim Bro!!!
:icongamefreaklover:<--- BRO BRO BROSSSS
:iconmarlonthegreenwolf:<--- racist against red bananas XXD
:iconquirkyiceheart:<--- another amazing friend WOOO
:iconthecorruptedmind:<--- GORE MASTER AT LARGE
:iconwolffang43: <----- i fucking love this guy xDDD
:iconimcaramel:<------ Really epic virtual person
:iconmhatter96:<---- sister irl
-YayAlphaTrolls!- by RobicTheEscapist

Moar STAMPS!!!!

Eren Titan by griff-chii
BestGore Stamp by Skitzopod436 - Bronzor by PokeStampsDex...To Kpop Fans n Antis... by CLassicNightmareWarning: Gemini's by Nana-Beatspyramid head stamp by Chr0m4t1cCh1m3r4Pyramid Head Stamp by angelbebop8I support Pyramid head stamp by RaephenPyramid Head Painting Stamp by angelbebop8Silent Hill 3 Stamp by LadyYukirinPro Teratophilia Stamp by ViciousVouxSilent Hill Promo by Echo104bSystem Of A Down Stamp by Agony-WhispersMambostuck Sollux by YukinoTenshi23System of a Down Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSystem of a down by old-mc-donaldDisturbed Stamp by Kezzi-RoseBest Moment Ever Stamp by CrystheWaterNinjaDisturbed's not emo by WolfPhantom16The Guy--Disturbed Mascot by GeminiGirl83Disturbed Stamp by MR-PHiLLDisturbed Stamp by NuclearFizixKorn by WearwolfaaKorn Stamp by ZeKRoBzSkorn icon by fraser0206I Set My Friends On Fire by chelly-kinz10 Years Stamp by Th3Brittni10 Years Stamp by IgnisAlatusMambostuck Gamzee by YukinoTenshi23Avenged Sevenfold Stamp by Kezzi-RoseAvenged Sevenfold by Smackthatpicture00056 I Love Kpop Stamp by Aitania

Stamps <333

Tardis Transformer by Z-studios

Hellsing Stamp 6 by WilmsyPip Bernodette Stamp 2 by WilmsyPip Bernodette Stamp 1 by WilmsySeras boob stamp by fireheart1001Stamp - Many Faces of Pip by darkittyhero+Stamps+ Alucard and Vlad by chibichibimanaDuty and Devotion by blazer87Seras kills stamp by fireheart1001Pip Bernadotte stamp by fireheart1001Blood Seras stamp by fireheart1001Hellsing Stamp 1 by WilmsySilent Hill Stamp by XxKeairaxX
101010101 by side34No Smoking Allowed by WilmsyAlucard vs Dark Walter stamp by fireheart1001Pip+Seras Luff Stamp by Miyazaki-A2Hellsing Organization by TwinEnigmaHellsing by amest9416Alucards happy face stamp by fireheart1001Hellsing Stamp 5 by SecretKarmaSerenadeAlexander Anderson stamp by fireheart1001Integra stamp by fireheart1001hellsing stamp thing by krazykat-incHellsing Stamp 3 by SecretKarmaSerenadeLevel 0 stamp by fireheart1001Hellsing Ensing Stamp by LinkMasterXPAlucard Fan Stamp by LaughteroftheLeavesJan uh-oh stamp by fireheart1001Integra stamp by fireheart1001


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