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Ameera(2014) by Ghost-Messorem
Much needed ref for my bae UvU, based off of me so changes as I change. 

Small Info: In feral form, front legs are longer, allowing for bipedal movement.

Name: Ameera 
Age: 15
Gender: Female, pronouns: he/she/it
B/D: June 4,1999
Height: 5'2
Weight: 103lb 

Personality: Somewhat serious, grim, perverted, can be a seriously dense asshole. 

Likes: Video games: Skyrim, Mass Effect, Goat Simulator, etc. Shows:  Dexter, Hannibal, Bates Motel, Hemlock Grove, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, many more. Music: Two Door Cinema, Arctic Monkeys, The Neighborhood, Daft Punk, Broken Iris, Infected Mushroom, Tenacious D, etc. Goatsgoatsgoats, homestuck, drawing, reading, taxidermy, fucked up shit, monster mold sculpting, dirty jokes.
Dislikes: Bad voice acting, horrible plot lines and backgrounds, not many things actually. 
Poorly Painted by Ghost-Messorem
Poorly Painted
fucking, idk, here's some poorly painted Ameera. didn't add tats because no

Happy Halloweeeeeennnnn
My computer has been in a shit conditions, it's so bad I can barely get on here. Not only that but I don't have the time to stop and do what I want anymore so yea, eventually I'll come back. 
Ghost Ref 2014 by Ghost-Messorem
Ghost Ref 2014
Name: Hecate Von Messorem( He-kai-t, Mas-sir-ram ), Ghost is a nickname.
Age: N/A
Gender: Male, but can change
Height: 804.6 meters, half a mile. He will eventually grow to half a mile like his 'father'.
Weight: Weighing around 50-70 tons
( Adoptive )Parents: Gloria Maximus and Harrison Maximus, both human Hecate was created from magic and not from a natural birth, unlike his 'brothers' and 'sister'. 

Relationships: Thouros-Counterpart/Husband. Valentine, Cym, Sithia, Baskerville, Sichora, Marble and Calcite- Children. 
Personality: Hecate is cold inside and out and doesn't tolerate any act of arrogance and childish behavior. One slip up and he will simply ignore you, but he's defiantly not against violence. He generally doesn't become angry and usually keeps in any feelings, good and mostly bad. Though he's stone cold, he does have a bit of a compassionate side and has a soft spot for damaged things or people. But despite his higher class and importance, he doesn't and won't talk to anyone unless necessary, when he does it's in riddles and poems. If you're not a bright-thinker, it's almost impossible to understand what he's talking about. Even though he has children, he has the maternal instinct of an arachnid and doesn't give them a second look. It's the same for others, he doesn't care who or what you are unless it's important.

Bio: Hecate is the god of Death, knowledge, and time. Born from death, magic and Cursed Seed, Hecate was the very first of the other three to become a Horsemen. Finding out, he hid it from his parents and began to become more reserved, cutting off all communication. It started out with constant whispering echoing inside his mind, progressing to becoming pale and then finally, coming loosing his mind. Around the age 13, he ended causing a huge explosion to go off when he tried to rip off a marking that started to appear on his neck. The fatal combustion not only killed his parents and a huge range of people in the neighborhood, but also opened a portal to the Underworld. Refusing the reality of the situation, the markings started to cover more of his body, along with feathers coming out of his ankles. He tried ripping them out and only caused himself to bleed, attracting the lost souls that resides there. They attacked and nearly killed him but he was saved by a huge crow. The two were joined at the hip ever since and into adulthood. As an adult, Hecate governed the Underworld, learning that he could send souls into the Afterlife with the natural born magic. Over the years, he lived in peace until his 'father', Lucifer(Luci) came and forced The Reaper, a cursed scythe that conjoins with the user forever and gives them forbidden and tainted powers. Ever since then, he murdered countless out of pure anger and hatred because he couldn't get rid of it. He burned himself out and completely shut down again, creating his own domain to reside and hide form his 'father'. 

Ghost( Hecate Von Specullarous Messorem ) miine
ART: miinee
Evolution WIP by Ghost-Messorem
Evolution WIP
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, decided to finally draw some Hecate again

Hecate/ghost: Mine


Sir Venny Pron Williamus 3rd
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Real name: Amirah Taylor
Age: 15
Gender: N/A
I'm a shorty Mc.asshole that loves to draws things with a magical tablet and pen. I'm awkward to talk to in real life and extremely blunt on accident for sorry if I come off as rude. UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH....I have a few friends on here and they're really cool and fun to talk to. Also beware my insane love for goats and noises.

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